To bring Financial Services to grassroots for structural poverty alleviation.


To support and empower Families, Women and Youth help themselves out of poverty by providing them with the opportunity to start small or expand their self-sustainable businesses, Micro-enterprise, create employment and wealth, own a home and other appreciating assets so that they can enjoy better, secure, and satisfying lives.


FOCUS: Reduce Poverty, Disparity, Vulnerabilities and Inequality by promoting Equity in Resource Distribution.


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We believe that the transformation of communities we live in by tapping member’s potentiality is the only path to self-sufficiency, self-reliance, economic growth, sustainable development and good standard of living. We believe in people’s potential and homegrown solutions for Kenyans by Kenyans. Our core values include:

       Team Work

       Credible Services




       Networking--Working with others

       Uphold The Dignity Of Families and Women

       Responsive to our Members and Change.

       Integrity, Diversity

       Commitment to Learning, connectivity, Innovation and Excellence.

       Mutual Respect, Human Dignity, Equity, For Each Other


       Learning And Innovation


We do all these through honesty in our operations, Appropriate product design and delivery, Prevention of over-indebtedness,   Responsible and Responsive pricing, Fair and respectful treatment of clients, Privacy of client data, Mechanisms for complaint resolution, transparency and accountability, integrity and respect for all without bias.